Well, 17° here this morning:( Brrrrrr! It's supposed to hit 40 something today. We'll check the apples to see how their consistency is. But there are so many apples still on the trees, we'll sell them for $.50/lb today! Still great for cider & applesauce;) We still have pumpkins, too. $.39/lb beats most store prices. You can make pies, breads/muffins and also roast the seeds! Yum!!!
Opening today around 10 or 11, due to the cold. We'll open Sunday 2-5 pm. Call 509 903-5764 if you arrive & we're not there yet. Blessings to you all♥️

As always, give us a call at (509)903-5764 with questions or to setup an appointment to come pick.